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Friday, April 29, 2011

The sayings of Silvano Borruso, 2

Nature abhors a monculture.
 From the moment I saw the default Windows XP wallpaper a decade or so ago, I wondered, "what are they thinking?!". To make things worse, this one-species-away-from-a-desert scene was called "bliss".
Perhaps this depicts bliss to an unfortunate urbanite, deprived of even a single species of plant for most of the time, who thinks milk comes from the supermarket; but to those who understand "wondrous variety" of creatures and the presence of people integral to the location to be essential to nature as God intended, it is qute depressing.
The first thing I do when making a fresh installation or user account on Windows XP (still a very useful operating system, to Microsoft's credit) is to remove this monstrosity and what has been called the "Fisher Price" theme.
Here I have overlaid Silvano's wise saying.

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